Elevate YOU Pole Fitness & Aerobic Studio LLC

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Classes Offered: 

Please Register for classes by Contacting Us by Phone Or Email.

Butt/Gutt & Yoga Combo Class

Wednesday (5:45pm - 7pm))

Get down and dirty with our unique aerobic Butt & Gut portion of class. Then cool down and stretch  with the second second portion of class.

Back to Basics Beginner.

Mondays 10am & 6pm
Wednesday 10am & 7pm
Friday - 6pm
Saturday 10am

Looking to start Pole Fitness? Tired of doing the same routine at the gym? Look no further! Elevate You Back to Basics classes are the perfect start to any Pole Journey! We work on basic moves such as walking around the Pole, Fireman, Pike (shown in picture) , and The pirouette! Call to Reserve a spot today!


Monday 7pm
Tuesday 7pm
Thursday 6pm & 7pm

Ready to  Add on to those moves you learned in the beginner classes! Like climb that Pole? A little Nervous? DON'T BE!  Elevate You Intermediate classes still have the beginner pace; learning how to climb the pole,  Go upside down on the pole (invert), While also conditioning your core and arms! Call to reserve your spot today!