Elevate YOU Pole Fitness & Aerobic Studio LLC

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Meet Our Elevate YOU Team!


Owner/ Head Instructor

Where it all started! Our Head instructor Thelma is ready to get you ELEVATED for all of your fitness needs and goals! Whether it be tightening and toning for the summer or getting ready for that wedding dress, Thelma is the one to call! Thelma teaches Pole classes at all levels.



Samiyah moves with style and grace in her Low Impact and Level 1 pole classes, incorporating a sensual tone to the pole spins and moves! Looking to find yourself again? She is the instructor for YOU! Feel good about yourself and sexy and the same time!



Brandy has been with Elevate YOU since February 2013. She teaches Level 1 and Level 2 pole classes and a sexy floor work class. With her high energy, fun teaching style, and the way she finesses the pole, she makes any student who attends her class feel like they received a full body workout and gained sex appeal!



Amanda teaches All Level Pole. Whether it's your first class or your hundredth class, Amanda's laidback, fluid teaching style will make you feel at ease. For her, the studio is a laboratory, and our bodies are there to experiment with. With her practical tips and fun attitude, you're sure to have a great time no matter what experience level you're at.

"Killer" Keisha


Keisha has been learning and teaching fitness classes for 30 years. At Elevate YOU, she teaches Sexy Strength Conditioning classes. If you just want a good burn in a fun environment, you should come to her class! If you want to supplement your pole practice with core work and booty development, you should come to her class!



Lea built her body up with a lot of hard work, and she learned a lot in the process. She teaches HIIT and circuit training with a twist at Elevate YOU. If you want to learn all her great tricks and booty-popping moves, join her on Friday mornings and have a blast while you work up a serious sweat!